Truck Stops Pro

Want to know where the nearest truck stop is? How about the next Rest Area? Maybe weigh stations? Or perhaps just a place with a big enough parking lot to park in overnight in a pinch? Truck Stop App for iPhone and Android is the app for you!

But don't take our word for it, just look what our users are saying:

  • Awesome this has been one of the BEST trucking apps I have used to locate stops, scales and rest areas!! - Johnathan
  • Truck Stops Pro saved my butt a few times now, looking for somplace to park for 10+ hours! Great App!! - Richard
  • Great it has paid for itself many times over. - Mary K

Quickly and easily find Truck Stop, Rest Areas, Overnight Parking, Weigh Station and more.



So why choose Truck Stops Pro?
  • iPhone and Android versions.

  • Cheaper than guide books.

  • Contains Truck Stops, Rest Areas, Cat Scale and Alternate Parking Locations.

  • Regularly Updated.

  • Over 6500 Truck Stops and Travel Centers, Pilot, Flying J, Love's, Travel Centers of America, Petro, Sabb, Roady's, AmBest, Petro-Canada, Husky's, and thousands of independents all at your fingertips.

  • Over 2000 Rest Areas in the US, find that next rest area in the direction you are traveling.

  • US Weight Stations.

  • Walmart and Sams Club Locations that allow overnight parking, as well as Home Depot, Lowes and Costco so you can find a place to park overnight if you need it, single button call to make sure they don't mind having an overnight guest.

  • Simple, easy interface, fire it up and go. 1 Screen and 1 Finger interface. Keep your eyes on the road, no complicated multiple screen interactions. The only screen changes are category based, You select, between TRUCK STOPS, REST AREAS and PARKING by tapping on the Status Bar on iPhone and through the MENU button on Droid.

  • See whats near you (default behavior) via GPS, or search.

  • Quickly snap back to your local location on the map with a single tap.

  • Get accurate driving directions to the location you select, with a simple button click.

  • If the database has a phone number for the travel plaza, or Parking Location you can also call the selected location with a simple button click.

  • Easily show only the chain you interested in, or show all.

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